Gifts from January to March 2005

Margaret "Peg" Bailey
Robert and Clodagh Ash
Neil and Edna Knutsen
Elizabeth A. Kogut
Shannon Patrick Lee and Susan B. Lee
Jim and Kay (Robinette) Leedy
Elizabeth Mc Dougall R.N.
Nancy C. Reynolds
Soroptimist International of Cameron Park
Ms. Astrid M. Traff
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Urman

Glenn Barnes
Ione L. Barnes

Glen C. Bennett
Madeleine M. Weldy

Anni Biskup
Erwin J. Biskup

Dorian Denise Brandon

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C. Church

Jane Culver
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Grace Deltaan
Janis Escamilla

John Glazier
Widowed Persons Association of California #10

Rosemarie Gleese
John T. Gleese

Donnall Graham
Sylvia J. Parker
Bruce Gutenberger
Gilbert and Earline Gutenberger

Dave Hart
Linda Hart

Judy Ishii
Catherine Maul

Jerry and Jean Lewis
Corey Pakes

Dorothy J. Long
Delpha M. Wynant 

Raymond S. Long
Dale L. Long

Stanley L. Lowe
Kermit and Judy Lowe

Marcella M. Mainwaring
Arnolds for Awards
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

John G. Mee
Pauline E. Mee

John H. Mirande
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Marilynn Rupley Moore
Phyllis V. Snyder

Helga Phillips
Barbara H. Ashworth

Janet Powers
Wayne Powers

Carol Radeke
Russ and Helen Grove
James and Elizabeth Pillsbury
Gypsy J. Silva
Dale and Margee Snyder
Dolores Trahan

Margaret M. Ripley
Wallace M. Ripley, Jr.

Chauncey J. Smith
Mary J. Smith

Anita Scott Spencer
Robert and Lois Schroth

John L. Stockel
Muriel A. Stockel

Marie K. Striegel
Dr. and Mrs. Gail Burbridge
Mark and Sharon Clary
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Clary
Robert and Ann Cowan
Henry and Virginia Lopez
Northern California AREA Chapter
Peter and Jane Weisser
Mabel Wing

Shirlee J. Sweeney Granger
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Ida Westphal Thiele
Ida M. Stelling

Jane "Butch" Warner
Arnolds for Awards

Donald Wentz
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Our special thanks to all Marshall Hospital employees for their continued support of our programs.