Gifts from July to September 2004

Christine Buck
David and Yvonne Allan

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C. Church

Ivydell Dyer
Mark and Janet Forgays
Neil and Edna Knutsen

James D. Ferguson
Joyce Ferguson

Stella Fogerty
Catherine Maul
Larry and Barbara Goyette

Robert P. Gilmour
Edward and Barbara Miller

Alice J. Kochanowski
Louise and Sean Fitzsimons
Beth D. Jacob
James and Kay Kallas
David and Joan Mandel
Joseph Nolan
Terrie Prod'hon
Schiff Hardin LLP

William Clay Logan
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Raymond S. Long
Dale L. Long

Alice L. Nead
Isabelle L. Fickel

Marjorie June Hunt Roberts
Leo and Dola Albusche
Beverly M. Cola
Patsy Fitch and Ray Combs
Combellack & Craig
Robert and Lois Schroth

Eugene Robinson
Maurice and Vonnie Williams

Ida Westphal Thiele
Ida M. Stelling

David E. Whittington
California Department of Justice, Record Review Unit

Our special thanks to all Marshall Hospital employees for their continued support of our programs.
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