TCC Pet Visitors

Note: These guidelines apply both to TCC patients who wish to have their own pets visit, as well as non-patients who are interested in bringing their pets in to visit TCC patients as a community service. Please make sure to discuss with TCC staff prior to any visit. Pet visits are only permitted in the Transitional Care Center and not in the main hospital. We regret that if a TCC patient is under isolation precautions, he or she will not be able to have pet visits until the precautions are lifted. 

Animals have the ability to positively influence the mental and physical health of a wide variety of individuals. Animal visits provide social interaction, sensory stimulation, and reduce stress associated with hospitalization. We recognize animal visitation as a therapeutic tool appropriate in the hospital setting for some patient care situations. Animal visits will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the suitability of the animal and the schedule of other animal visits.

We also welcome, on a case-by-case basis, animal visitors brought in by guide-animal associations and others who wish to share their furry friends with TCC patients who are interested in having an animal visit.

If you wish to have your pet visit, the following regulations will apply:


 1. Because of the risk of infection or injury, we are sorry that certain animals are not suitable for visiting TCC. Those include animals that weigh more than 100 pounds, nonhuman primates, skunks, raccoons, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, and poisonous animals.
2. Always call ahead to schedule animal visits with the charge nurse or social service representative to arrange a time that does not interfere with the patients’ other activities.
3. When bringing the animal into the hospital, you must use the entrance between TCC and ICU. The animal is not allowed in other areas of the hospital, including the patio.
4. The animal visitor must be in a cage or on a leash; dogs are to remain on a leash at all times.
5. Pet owners must remain with their pets and assume all liability for the animal while it is in the building.
6. Check in at the nurse’s station before visiting patient rooms.
7. Please check first and do not enter rooms of patients who have pet allergies or who do not wish animal visitation.
8. Pet owner is responsible for cleaning up the animal’s excrement. Make sure to bring a scooper and plastic bags.

Is your pet ready for a visit?
 Yes No
  0     0         Is the animal in good health with no signs of illness?
  0     0         Has your pet been bathed/groomed within 24 hours of the visit?
  0     0         Is your pet free of ticks, fleas, and strong or offensive odors?
  0     0         Is the animal obedient?
  0     0         Has the animal ever bitten or injured anyone?
  0     0         Is there a copy of your pet’s current inoculation record on file in TCC?