Strength for the Journey: Surviving Sudden Loss

One of the greatest needs after sudden loss is to be able to talk with others who understand.

Our weekly share sessions are a meeting of bereaved family and friends. These times are facilitated by an experienced counselor.

Because we want to respect the sensitivity of each person’s loss, we ask that anyone asking to attend these sessions first make contact with our licensed facilitator, Jane Williamson, for a telephone interview.

Please call 530-306-4699 and let her know you are interested in the Strength for the Journey program.

If there is mutual agreement that the share sessions will be of help to you, she will speak with you about how to access our sessions.

The Strength for the Journey program is a FREE community service supported by community contributions through Marshall Foundation for Community Health. For volunteer opportunities or information on how to support the program financially, please call 530-642-9984.