Cancer Care Services

Oncology & Hematology

This is the medical treatment of cancers and blood malignancies and disorders. Once a cancer diagnosis is made, the oncologist/hematologist becomes the main care giver in treating and coordinating care. Our board certified physicians are experienced and caring, and provide excellent care. Read more about them here.
 Tsuong Tsai, MD (left) and Lin Soe, MD are Marshall's board certified oncologists/hematologists
Radiation Oncology

For some malignancies, radiation is a standard of care in treating and, hopefully, curing many cancers. Experienced radiation oncologists provide radiation services just up the road from our Oncology/Hematology office, providing convenient and expert care.
Infusion Therapy

Some conditions require treatment through intravenous means, whether chemotherapy or blood transfusions. Our infusion center is located adjacent to Hematology & Oncology in Cameron Park and is staffed by caring nurses who attend to our patients and their needs. Supervised by physicians, the infusion center is a comfortable place to receive advanced care.
 Dr. Tsai chas with a patient in the infusion center
Surgical Services

As a full service, acute care hospital, Marshall provides a wide range of surgical procedures to treat malignancies from board-certified general surgeons. Marshall General Surgery physicians see and evaluate patients at offces in Cameron Park and Placerville. They perform surgery and procedures at the outpatient surgery center in Cameron Park, or at Marshall Hospital in Placerville. Read more about Marshall General Surgery
Diagnostic Imaging & Laboratory Services

Diagnostic tests, from PET/CT to MRI, along with ongoing laboratory tests are all routine during cancer treatment. Marshall's state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center and laboratory are located within close proximity in Cameron Park to other cancer-related services. You'll  find caring, helpful staff who will expertly tend to your testing needs.
Outreach Services

The Marshall partners with our local community to increase cancer awareness and promote healthy behavior.
2016 Annual Community Outreach Summary.