Trustee of the Year

In the spirit of making a difference in our community through volunteerism Marshall Foundation for Community Health trustees will recognize extraordinary trustee passion and excellence each year.

FOCUS: This recognition is meant to assist the public in awareness of what our trustees do for health care.

PURPOSE: To allow the Trustee of the Award recipient to designate $2,000 to a health care organization of their choice in the community. These funds will demonstrate the compassion of our trustees in caring about the citizens of our community by directly benefiting their needs.

Each year the selection is made by the current President and Executive Director. The criteria for the award is subject to the following:

• A board member who portrays the quintessential image of volunteerism and has worked during the past year as a trustee for Marshall Foundation. This trustee displays exceptional passion and enthusiasm for the Foundation’s mission and goals.

• Their exceptional activity may encompass this year only or may be a cumulative effort over many years.

• The award will be presented at the annual trustee dinner.

• Funds awarded for healthcare disbursement by the awarded Trustee may be derived from a special healthcare fund established and funded by trustees or taken from the Endowment for Health fund.

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