Community Care Network

Community Care Network

Coordinated Care, Improved Outcomes

Managing a chronic illness is challenging, but you are not alone.

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When you are treated at Marshall Medical Center, the care you receive is referred to as acute care. The primary goal of care in the hospital is to ensure patients are able to safely return home, but this does not always mean they have fully recovered. Chronic illnesses are conditions that can last for weeks, or even months. Having someone stay in the hospital for the duration of their chronic illness is impractical for both the hospital and the patient.

Marshall’s Community Care Network (CCN) extends the reach of healthcare professionals from the hospital to your home. The CCN professionals create long-lasting relationships with chronically ill patients that goes far beyond the typical clinician/patient dynamic. This partnership allows you to receive quality care and outcomes from the comfort of your own home and cut down on medical expenses.

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For more information abut the CCN, call Marshall Medical Center at (530) 622-1441.