Our Team

  • Rachel Peigh

    Rachel Peigh, RN, BSN, MBA

    Clinical Director

  • William Klas

    William Klas, MD

    Medical Director

  • Sherry Geurin

    Sherry Geurin

    Administrative Assistant

  • Traci Moody

    Traci Moody, RN, BSN

    Lead Case Manager

  • Robin Kennedy

    Robin Kennedy, PhD

    Medical Social Worker

  • Sheryce Allendorf

    Sheryce Allendorf, LCSW

    Medical Social Worker

  • Rebecca Moore

    Rebecca Moore, LVN

  • Shannon Maguire-Estrada

    Shannon Maguire-Estrada, RN, BSN

    Case Manager

  • Natalie Masters

    Natalie Masters

    Resource Specialist

  • Sandy King

    Sandy King

    Resource Specialist

  • Patricia Carlton

    Patricia Carlton, Pharm D


  • Amy Triplett

    Amy Triplett, RD

    Diabetes and Nutrition

  • Margie Jamrowski

    Margie Jamrowski, PTA

    Physical Therapy

  • For more information abut the CCN, call Marshall Medical Center at (530) 626-2745.