Transitional Care Center

Marshall’s Transitional Care Center

Bridging the Gap from Hospital to Home

Marshall’s Transitional Care Center (TCC) is a separately licensed, independent skilled nursing facility, located within Marshall Hospital in Placerville. The TCC helps ease the transition from a hospital stay to home and independent living. It’s designed to help patients on the road to recovery after certain illnesses or injuries, especially those linked with orthopedic or neurological impairments.

Twenty-four-hour nursing care, intensive therapies, injectable or IV medications, wound care, respiratory treatment, and other medical services are provided in a warm, home-like atmosphere, but with complete hospital resources such as diagnostic imaging, lab, and on-site pharmacy services.

Admission to TCC

A physician referral is necessary for admission to TCC. A patient in TCC typically has one or more of the following needs:

  • Therapies or treatments administered by a licensed nurse or other health professionals
  • Rehabilitation services needed at least daily
  • Complex wound care

Marshall TCC is fully certified by Medicare, and many private insurance companies also cover skilled care in TCC.

Specialized Therapy Services

Our physical therapists are specialists in evaluation and treatment of impaired mobility, strength, and endurance caused by medical problems. They promote safety and self-confidence during hospital recovery and at home. We also offer occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Some of the services provided in TCC include:

  • 24-Hour skilled care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Speech therapy
  • Intensive therapies
  • Injectable or IV medications
  • Wound care
  • Respiratory treatment and other medical services
  • Approved pet visits
  • Discharge planning
  • Social services

Planning for the continued recovery of our patients once they leave TCC is a very important aspect of the care we offer. A case manager will assist in preparing a smooth transition from the hospital to home or next level of care. Any need for social services will also be discussed shortly after admission to assist in crisis intervention, financial evaluation and referrals and coordination of post-hospital arrangements with community resources.

For more information about Marshall’s Transitional Care Unit, call (530) 626-2822.