Hospital Physicians

Hospital Physicians

El Dorado County Hospitalists

doctor caring for patientDuring your stay at Marshall, your personal physician may "make rounds" and visit you. However, your hospital care will be led by a hospital-based physician, or "hospitalist," whose sole duty on scheduled days is to care for hospital patients. These physicians are all board-certified specialists in Internal Medicine. Some of them also see patients in our Medical Offices on an outpatient basis, but not on days they are assigned to hospitalist duty. You can rest assured their focus is on our inpatients, and they are here, onsite, ready to attend to any issues that might come up in your care or condition.

Benefits of the hospital-based physician approach:

  • A sole focus on inpatient care – A doctor is readily available for face-to-face discussions, and to get your questions answered promptly.
  • Quick test results – Your hospitalist expedites lab and imaging results and, when he results are in, makes certain that action is quickly taken.
  • Custom plan of care – A unique plan will be created that makes certain your primary and specialty physicians are updated on your condition and are there when you need them.
  • Team focus – medical services, including physical and occupational therapy all coordinated by your hospitalist.
  • Comprehensive care management – During your entire stay, a nurse case manager will be assigned to you to watch over your care, explain your options, and help you make informed decisions.
  • Go home sooner – Patients can be discharged when they are ready, since a member of the hospitalist team is always available to handle the discharge procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my regular physician take care of me while I'm in the hospital?

Your family physician is part of the team overseeing your care; however, the hospitalist team is at the hospital full time. They are more readily available to you and are also frequently consulting with your family doctor, who may visit you before or after normal office hours.

How will my regular physician know what's happening with my care?

Your regular physician is alerted when you admitted to the hospital and throughout your stay there is close communication between your physician and the hospitalist. When you go home, your physician will receive a summary of your stay, including discharge diagnosis, medications that may have been ordered, and recommended follow up care.

How do I reach my hospitalist during my stay?

Ask your nurse. They can locate the doctor for you.

If my regular physician is working as a hospitalist too, who will see me for an urgent office visit?

Your regular physician's partners will provide both routine and urgent care. If they should need to consult your regular physician, that is always possible.