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Select from Marshall's own board certified providers by visiting our Medical Offices, or use the menu below to view all Marshall-affiliated community providers.

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Marshall has created a physician finder service to help you select a primary care physician or specialist who is right for you and your family. We know that choosing a physician is an important decision and that you're selecting a partner for your health and well being.

Each physician profile will give you information about his or her location, days and hours open, medical training, languages spoken, whether the practice is open or closed, board certification status and additional information.

You can also call Marshall's Physician Finder service at (530) 676-0777 or (916) 933-3210.

To obtain additional information about these physicians please call the physician's office directly.

Marshall Medical's Physician Directory is a free community service. This service is provided to help web site visitors learn about the physicians affiliated with Marshall Medical. Physicians providing information regarding themselves for inclusion in this Physician Directory are responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted. This information is updated on a regular basis. Marshall Medical cannot guarantee that the physician information presented is complete or accurate. Although physicians are not our employees, we are glad they have chosen our hospital as a place to practice.