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Marshall Employee COVID Resources

Information and links to assist Marshall employees navigate work-related resources regarding the COVID-19 pandemic:

Labor Pool - Call for Staff

Employees who are work reduced but want to work may sign up for the Labor Pool from this link. There are some needs staff can help fill in now and there will be many in the future.

Employee Reimbursement Request

If you're working from home and need reimbursement for your cell phone or other equipment usage, download and submit the following forms:

Employee Reimbursement Request (PDF)

Employee Reimbursement Request (Excel)

Employee Cell Phone Information (PDF)

Missed Work

If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19

This notice provides guidance to employees on possible COVID-19 exposure, symptoms, anxiety and suggestions on resources for childcare for MMC employees.

Please Note: The information in this article is current through 3/23/20.Given the fast changing nature of the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic; we acknowledge that facts will change. Also, please be aware: The majority of the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, recently signed by the President, does not affect MMC employees; key factors of this legislation applies to employers with fewer than 500 employees and governmental employers.

Symptomatic Employees

If an employee has a fever (temperature of 100 degrees for staff aged 64 and younger OR a temperature of 99.5 degrees or greater for those individuals aged 65 or older), stay home. Staff with any respiratory symptoms, or a cough but no fever will be required to wear a mask for their shift but may be allowed to work. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, consult with your physician or call 911. Sick employees need to call in and notify their department leadership and Occupational Health 530-626-2832. Prior to returning to work they need to be cleared by Occupational Health (OH). If the employee develops symptoms at work they need to inform their supervisor who will inform OH or the House Supervisor. The employee will be placed off work until cleared by OH.

Employees Quarantined by CDPH

If an employee is quarantined by CDPH they will need to have a letter from CDPH clearing them to return to work and Occupational Health will give the final clearance.

Employees Exposed to COVID-19 at Work

If the employee is exposed while at work, they have the option to use accrued PTO for the three (3) day waiting period, while the Workers Comp carrier verifies whether or not the condition is work related (this is the normal process for all WC claims). Also as normal, if the time off due to a work-related illness/injury is for fourteen (14) or more days or the employee is hospitalized, the three-day waiting period is waived.

In the event we have a patient who tests positive for COVID-19, and an employee contracts the virus, that employee should file for Workers' Compensation. They would have access to any accrued Extended Disability Leave (EDL) hours. There must be direct, documented proof of acquiring the virus as "a course of your employment."

With the new regulations passed by our Governor, an employee quarantined (and therefore unable to work) due to exposure (regardless if it was work related) is eligible for State Disability Insurance (SDI). Marshall can provide accrued EDL hours immediately to coordinate with the State and accrued PTO if needed. If the employee does not accrue PTO or does not have a balance, the employee only receives SDI.

Required Quarantine Related to Occupational Exposure

Employees experiencing a work-related quarantine will be taken off work and compensated during their quarantine.

Employees Exposed to COVID-19 Unrelated to Occupational Exposure

Employees unable to work due to having or being exposed to COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional) for reasons unrelated to workplace exposure (e.g., personal travel, family exposure):

  • Notify MMC’s Occupational Health Department

  • If the employee is quarantined and does not become sick: The employee may apply for unemployment or use accrued Paid Time Off (PTO).

  • If the employee is quarantined and does become sick, the employee will file online for State Disability Insurance (SDI).

SDI may be supplemented with accrued Extended Disability Leave (EDL) and PTO.


If you’re unable to work because you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional), you can file a Paid Family Leave (PFL) claim. PFL provides up to six weeks of benefit payments to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages because they need time off work to care for a seriously ill family member.

Reduced Work Hours

If your hours have been reduced or workplace closed due to COVID-19, you can file an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim. UI provides partial wage replacement benefit payments to workers who lose their job or have their hours reduced, through no fault of their own. Workers who are temporarily unemployed due to COVID-19 and expected to return to work with their employer within a few weeks are not required to actively seek work each week. However, they must remain able and available and ready to work during their unemployment for each week of benefits claimed and meet all other eligibility criteria.

Please contact Human Resources at if you have any questions about these benefits.

EAP 1-800-535-4985 Company Code: Embrace


To remove any barriers for medically necessary testing, effective March 18, 2020 any member cost sharing for the COVID-19 test is waived (i.e. deductibles, copays, and coinsurance will not apply).

All other treatment including but not limited to screening, hospital, transportation and pharmacy services will be covered in accordance with the existing terms and conditions set forth in the Summary Plan Description (i.e., no changes to treatment coverage).

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact the HealthComp customer service line at (800) 442-7247.

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Employment Development Department

EDD Resources


Stress Support

If you are experiencing anxiety or fear, having difficulty concentrating or sleeping, or feeling increased stress surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, it may help to speak to a professional clinician through your employee assistance program (EAP).

Reach out to Marshall's EAP 1-800-535-4985

Company Code: Embrace


Emergency childcare options

El Dorado County’s Child Care Planning Council is working on emergency childcare options to support first responders, medical staff, and other essential services. If you need help during this time with childcare while school closures continue, contact Catalyst Community at 530-676-0707 or to find an appropriate provider.

Currently, many childcare facilities remain open for the purpose of supporting essential employers and have low enrollment allowing them to take drop-ins and non-regular families

If you have special circumstances requiring you to take additional time off to care for child(ren) and that unprotected time off triggers your unscheduled absenteeism rate to go over the 6.0% limit, please speak with your Supervisor/Department Director. Marshall understands that some parents with children at home may not have good childcare options. Leadership will work with these staff. Those employees with chronic absenteeism, unrelated to the temporary school closures/COVID-19 situation will be held accountable to our attendance standards.

  • See if your spouse/partner can adjust their hours of work or stay home and watch the child(ren).

  • Talk to your coworkers about swapping childcare.

  • Ask family, friends, neighbors and coworkers if they have teenagers and/or adults who can watch children in your home.

If an employee’s child’s school is closed, and you have to miss work to care for them, you might be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits. File an unemployment claim through the Employment Development Department (EDD).

PTO may be used in lieu of Unemployment.

California Labor Code Section 230.8 provides for 40 hours of unpaid, protected time for closure or unexpected unavailability of the school or child care provider. During this time off, the absence(s) may not be counted toward the employee’s absenteeism rate.

If your child is sick then you can apply for Kin Care through the Disability/Leaves Coordinator (530-626-2770 x2549), permitting the employee to use one half of that employee’s year’s accrual of Extended Disability Leave (EDL) or PTO. Here again, this time off is protected, and will not be counted toward employee’s absenteeism.

Childcare Help


Andrea Arnold x2735

Janel Boggess x2683

Nancy Rohrer x2888

If you know of a babysitter that is willing to offer their services to Marshall employees, please fill out this form.

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BETA Ergonomics: Tips for Working from home

As you were from home during this time, please be sure to keep ergonomics in mind. Download the attachments for guidance.

Tips on working from home

Office Ergonomics Sitting Workstation

Marshall Café Meals for Your Family

Starting Monday, May 4, you can pre-order meals, dubbed MC2GO (Marshall Café to Go) for your family so you can avoid exposure to COVID-19 at the grocery store. MC2GO meals serve four people and cost $30. Orders must be placed by noon for pick up after 2 p.m. Click here for the menu and order form.

Updated Visitor Policy

Keeping our patients connected with their loved ones is important to their wellbeing and enhances the ability of the care team to ensure both the patient’s and the family member’s concerns are being appropriately addressed. With this in mind, all patients (except COVID-19 isolation patients) are allowed to have a designated visitor for the length of their stay.

  • Location/Pt.
  • Type # of Visitors
  • Inpatient/ED/Surg
  • 1
  • End of Life
  • 2
  • Pediatric
  • 1
  • Birth Center
  • 1
  • Covid +
  • 0
  • Exceptions
  • Made by House Sup and CN

All visitors will be screened, wear a mask and may not go to any other location in the hospital.

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Universal Masking Required

Starting Monday, May 4, all staff members and providers are required to wear a mask when providing direct patient care or while in a patient care room. Patients are also required to wear a mask during their appointment.

Staff and providers should utilize cloth masks in order to preserve PPE (exception: in isolation rooms, appropriate PPE must be worn).

If your cloth mask becomes unusable during a shift due to moisture or contamination, you may use procedure masks for the remainder of the shift. If you have any questions, please contact Infection Control at x2635.

Antibody Testing Form

Antibody Test Available

FDA-authorized lab tests for COVID-19 antibodies are now available to any Marshall Medical Center employees and Marshall Medical Foundation providers who would like to be tested. The blood test checks for a type of antibody called immunoglobulin G (IgG), produced due to a past exposure to COVID-19. It is NOT a test for active infection.

Any Marshall employee or MMF provider may participate in the testing, regardless of whether or not you experienced symptoms. The test is free as part of a study being conducted by the California Department of Public Health. By filling out this form, you will be included in lab draw clinics coming to your area. The dates will be provided after you complete the form. You will receive results through confidential interoffice mail.

Please do not call the lab. If you have questions, please call Occupational Health at x2832.

To sign up for testing, please complete this form.

Return to Work After Working From Home


Return to work, after working from home

With El Dorado County entering phase 2 of the State’s coronavirus response plan, office-based workplaces are allowed to resume normal operations, provided employees:

  • Self-screen for symptoms

  • Stay home if feeling sick

  • Are able to frequently hand-wash or access hand sanitizer

  • Are able to physically distance at work

Marshall employees, who have been working from home, may now return to the workplace. Your department director will communicate specific work options depending on your department and work function, including:

  • the continued use of telework depending on department and/or position specific requirements

  • modified work schedules depending on department and/or position specific requirements

  • a full return to work as usual.

If an employee is requested to return to the workplace but the employee states they have a medical condition and needs to stay home,the employee must furnish a note from an authorized provider, taking them off work, for medical purposes. Depending upon what the language in the note states and employee eligibility:

  • In cases of the employee's disability, Occupational Health (Liz Jennings, Disability/Leaves Coordinator - 621-7929) will send the employee Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave of Absence paperwork; provided the employee is eligible for FMLA.

  • In cases of the employee'sdependent's disability, Occupational Health (Liz Jennings, Disability/Leaves Coordinator - 621-7929) will send the employee FMLA Leave of Absence paperwork; again, provided the employee is eligible for FMLA. Same requirement for a Provider's note, documenting the dependent's medical need for the parent to care for the dependent.

  • In cases of no disability or ineligibility for FMLA, Occupational Health (Liz Jennings, Disability/Leaves Coordinator - 621-7929) will send the employee paperwork for a Personal Leave of Absence (PLOA) - which the Department Director may approve or deny (providing they are consistent with prior and future PLOA requests).

You may need to make arrangements for childcare in order to come back to work in the office. If you need assistance, contact Choices for Children at (530) 676-0707 or email for childcare options.