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Mission, Values & Principles

Marshall proudly serves the Western slope of El Dorado County. Our mission is to improve the health of our community and offer health services of superior value and quality, centered on the goals and needs of our patients. We strive to deliver service that exceeds our patients’ expectations.

Values & Principles

We at Marshall have dedicated our lives to healing, the prevention of illness and the promotion of wellness, working with chronically ill patients to help them live optimally within the limits of their condition. The Marshall community -- employees, medical staff, volunteers, and leadership -- embrace the following values and principles:

  • Our patients come first. All other values are overshadowed by the proper care of those who entrust their lives to us. We embrace the diversity of our community and it is our privilege to partner with our patients in their health and to treat them with respect and compassion.
  • Healing is an art. Medicine flourishes best in a healing environment. Our patients and their families are an essential part of the health care team. We recognize each patient is an individual and we adapt care to their personal needs. To enrich our healing environment, members of the Marshall community treat each other with the same respect we hold for our patients.
  • Medicine is a science. Clinical care provided at Marshall is based on the application of nationally recognized best practices. We strive for continued improvement in all aspects of patient care, pursuing growth in our collective expertise. Excellence in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease are defined by documented clinical outcomes.
  • Our organization is not defined by walls. Our organization is defined by the doors we open. The community is best served by a continuum of care, wherever those services are needed, meeting patients wherever they are in the spectrum of health. We reach out to emphasize primary care, prevention, education, research, and collaboration with other organizations when their missions complement our own.
  • We bequeath Marshall to future generations. Our community is best served by organizations that are locally owned and managed. To maintain our independence and meet the present and future needs of the community, we manage Marshall’s finances carefully. We strive to provide the highest quality of care while maintaining exceptional value and unparalleled service.

Vision Statement

Success occurs when a vision becomes reality. After achieving over six decades of success, Marshall has translated its goals into a singular vision statement:

“We are a cohesive healthcare team that partners in delivering exceptional quality, access, and value in all we do.”

And while change is constant in health care, Marshall’s vision statement projects an expectation to chart our own course. It describes who we are and what we want to accomplish in the future.

A commitment to our stated mission, vision, and values will help Marshall achieve this transformation. Our focus is to foster a patient-centered culture revolving around addressing patient needs, maintaining clinical quality, and delivering effective care.

Furthermore, all Marshall employees – not just those who provide direct patient care – are key to realizing this vision. This vision statement contains goals vital to our long-term success. We have an express desire to evolve and be proactive about pursuing quality and staying current with innovative approaches.

Marshall Hospital is only one of the few remaining independent acute-care hospitals in California. For a successful but independent entity like Marshall, there exists urgency for change and transformation. Our vision statement combines both a desire for a change and continued success.