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Respiratory Therapy

Dedicated Care from Pulmonary Specialists

Most forms of lung disease are not curable, meaning treatment must be aimed at managing the symptoms. Respiratory therapy is a guided program where patients learn various techniques to keep the debilitating effects of lung disease in check and improve quality of life.

Respiratory therapists also provide acute-care in the hospital for patients with pulmonary emergencies. A respiratory therapist is skilled in life-saving lung care treatments for patients suffering from severe asthma attacks and other breathing issues.

Guidance for Home Respiratory Care

Visiting the hospital consistently for lung care can be tiring and expensive. One of the goals of respiratory therapy is to teach patients lung care techniques you can do at home to reduce your dependence on professional medical treatment.

During respiratory therapy, your therapist may instruct you on:

  • Managing and using ventilation systems
  • Creating a medication schedule
  • Simple exercises to improve lung functionality
  • Disease prevention
  • Where to find local resources for additional lung care services
  • Identifying warning signs of a respiratory emergency

At Marshall, our respiratory therapists guide patients through all the steps of lung care treatment to ensure they feel comfortable and confident continuing their care at home. Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions both during and after your respiratory therapy program.