Gifts from April to June 2004

Mary Allen
Ruth Tausta

Janet Parker Beck
Sylvia J. Parker

Eugene W. Bolster
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Wayne B. Boulding
Isabelle L. Fickel
Joe and Joanne Kline
Harry and Joanne Stearns Sydnee Twilla

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C. Church

Keith L. Douglass
David and Janet Douglass
Robert and Arlene Middlebrook
Philip and Shirley Penland
Edward and Marci Pieratt
David and Laurel Stockton
Beverley Van Meurs
Julian Weidler

Thelma Dunlop
Alfred and Dorothy Olson

Ronald Foss
Kenneth and Penny Darrow
Marguerite M. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Rosebrook
Glenn and Jayne Schilling

Hazel Gastaldi
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Al Hinds
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Pearl Barsotti King
Gael and Rockne J. Barsotti
Larry and Barbara Goyette

Ruth King
Frank and Pat Piceno

John A. Lambres
Wilbur and Barbara Howe
Edward and Barbara Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nerney
Frank and Annalee Petersen
Clara Scheiber
Mary J. Smith

Marian Lee
Blair and Irene Harris

Milton and Miriam Levison
Levison Search Associates

Raymond S. Long
Dale L. Long

Stanley L. Lowe
Marshall Medical Laboratory Employees

Ruth K. McKee
Betty Hewitt

William G. Means
Anna M. Posten

Al Millett
Wilbur and Barbara Howe

Barbara J. Moore
Erma Mikkelson

Eugene Robinson
Ambrose and Louisa Boeding
Aldo and Mary Ann Brunello
Mary J. Clark
Harry and Judy DeWolf
Max and Dolores Dodson
Bruce and June Ebbe
Bob and Billie Gillett
Royden and Joanne Grimm
Wilbur and Barbara Howe
Ronald and Margaret Huston
Mr. and Mrs. William Jacobs
George and Janet Jobson
Maxine Martin
Clarence and Alicia Meyer
Frank and Annalee Petersen
Alex and Barbara Revaz
Judge and Mrs. Patrick J. Riley Ethel Robinson
Gary and Sandra Robinson
Merle and Ann Rossman
Clara Scheiber
John and Audrey Sease
Candice and Ed Shelton
Silvio and LaVerne Suine
Linda Van Keuren
Carl and Ruth Visman
Harriot N. Ward
Austin and Marian Wing

Leslie W. Sargent
George and Cleta Nelson

Noel Silva
Russ and Helen Grove

Robert A. Sommerfield
David and Yvonne Allan

George Stefanski
Myron and Patricia Schmidt

Audrey F. Strotkamp
Geneva J. Douglass

Lillie Todd
Anna M. Posten

David E. Whittington
California Department of Justice, Scan Unit
California Department of Justice, Record Review
Robert and Karen Geyer
Kenneth and Barbara Harper
Wilbur and Barbara Howe
S. Paulyne Kelley
Judge and Mrs. Patrick J. Riley
Mark A. Smith

William Wilcox
Richard and Joan Munn

John Winter
Michael E. Zeek and Pauline Wesley

Our special thanks to all Marshall Hospital employees for their continued support of our programs.
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