Gifts from January to March 2004

Cora E. Allen
Dorothy Atkins

Bob Anderson
Jim and Doris Donaldson

Nazereth Barnabei
Neil and Edna Knutsen

Francis and Hazel Bigelow
Jean Castberg
Phillip Walther

Carlton & Ettie Lee Bonner
Charles and Mary D'Ooge

Emilio Borelli
Adele C. D'Agostini

Lois A. Borthwick
Muriel F. Brown

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C. Church

Patrick Clusiau
Terese V. Clusiau

William N. Cola
Robert and Lois Schroth

Eugene E. Duggins
Pat Duggins

Vera I. Elliott
Virginia C. Ferguson

Peggy English
Claire Winger

Dennis Gareis
Gregory and Lynn Bullock

Elbert H. Gray
Gerald and Gladness Tatum

Doris V. Helbush
Donald A. Helbush

William D. Jones
Mavis K. Jones

Joanna "Chris" Kipp
Thomas and Barbara Lind
Warren and Patricia Broderson

Edna Kyburz
Richard and Joan Flowers
Marcella M. Mainwaring
Dolores Trahan

Jean Lang
Andrew and Barbara Schmidt

Penny Le Doux
Karen A. Nichols

Gladys L. Lowe
Victor and Jean Digesti

Janet Nachtman
Claire Winger
Carole L. Stewart

Robert V. Norris
Lois A. Norris

LaVerne Rohrer
Roger and Jerriann Sindel,
Sindel & Rohrer Mini Storage

Joseph Ronzone
Lorna Ronzone

Wesley H. Ronzone
Lorna Ronzone

Roger Rothlisberger
Adele C. D'Agostini

Leslie W. Sargent
J. Russell and Bonita Nelson
Ronald G. Nelson

William J. Stewart
Alice K. Stewart

Ida Westphal Thiele
Ida M. Stelling

Bennie Vela
Dorothy J. Vela
Charles and Mary Lou Lewis

Mary Vineyard
Elna M. Trimble

Florence Winje
George and Jo Ann Alsup
Francis and Marilyn Carpenter
Marguerite M. Hill
Marcella M. Mainwaring
Lorene Mitchell
Ada N. Rose
Betty J. Williams

Our special thanks to all Marshall Hospital employees for their continued support of our programs.
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