Gifts from July to September 2002

Lois Ashwill
Dr. and Mrs. W. Trent Saxton
Stephen T. Conley

Alvin V. Bird
Thelma Keller
Pacific Bell Pioneers - Hangtown Gold Life Member Club

Ronald Calomeni
Joseph and Connie Slivensky
Frank Stancato

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C.Church

Hilda Pearl Conner
Elva L. Borges

Robert Eugene D'Spain
Placerville Newcomers Club

Lila Gwatney
Larry and Jackie Abel

Douglas A. Johnson
Jean Johnson

Edward Roy Keller
Mrs. Loretta J. Bird

Franklin Kennedy
S.K. and Nancy Shaw

Milton Langum

Vernon and Viva Cassel

Ed McClintock
Nives Nash

Lottie McFadden
Loretta J. Bird

Katherine M. McGrath
Marty J. Camp and Family
Richard and Lois Finn
Patrick Greening
Thomas and Pamela Mangelsdorf
Karen J. McGrath

Al Mehrer
Ray Forsell and Wilma Muir-Forsell

Marilynn Rupley Moore
Betty J. Williams

Elthea M. Pascoe
David and Yvonne Allan

Joseph Perse
Audrey Farley

Rex Quiberg
Elva L. Borges
Dr.and Mrs. L. E. Shortes

Ida Westphal Thiele
Ida M. Stelling


Beverly M. Cola
Numa & Marjorie Roberts

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