Gifts from April to June 2002

Cora E. Allen
Dorothy Atkins

Harold"Red" Anderson
Catherine Maul

Jean W. Babcock, M.D.
Anna M. Posten

Alvin V. Bird
Zella Miller

Ronald Calomeni
Mr. and Mrs. Tad Bemben
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie F. Boesch
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Calomeni
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Calomeni
Mr. and Mrs. George Calomeni
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Czepeska
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Havro
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Kuhs
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil L. Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Rosender
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Vick
Mr. and Mrs. Don Weston

Maxine Chard
Agnes Doan
Margaret B. Ellison

Jesus Mesta Chavez
Marilynn Rupley Moore

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C. Church

Billy Clark
Marilynn Rupley Moore

Randy Clark
Bruce and June Ebbe

Patricia Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Branscomb
Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Faure
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Gillmore
Marilee Monagan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Monagan
Placerville Lionettes
Placerville Lions Club
Dolores Wilson

Daniel J. Cullen
Cameron Park Downstairs Bridge Group
Mary Cullen, Cullen Family Revocable Trust
George and Pauline Kruegel

Larry Dowen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wilkinson

Mr. Jay Finley
Mrs. Honey Finley

Alex Fraser
Lois Gudmundson

Douglas A. Johnson
Russ and Helen Grove
Lois Gudmundson
Marilynn Rupley Moore
Frances Sutter

James Kokinos
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kokinos

William (Bill) Lindholm
Lucille D. Vicari

Craig Locher
Cathryn M. Morgan

Howard Luther
Margaret C. Miller

Denziel "Dan" McDaniel
Clifford and Ellen Paine

Edward "Babs" Meyer
Yolanda Chadwick
Jack E. Moore

Marilynn Rupley Moore
Mr. and Mrs. David Allan
Marie Arambel
Charles and Margaret Baer
Dorothy E. Cann
Ella Clark
June A. Cotten
Pat Erhard
Ellen B. Fredericks
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Gonzales
Ed and Karen Good
Hazel Henningsen
Betty L. Johnson
Jean Johnson
Earl H. Killian
Mr. and Mrs. Foy Knight
Marcella M. Mainwaring
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Reeder
Lorna Ronzone
Clara Scheiber
Jack and Amy Stephens
Reba Trask

Helen North
Barbara H. Ashworth
Owen C. Murry, Jr.

Sylvia O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Sampson

Walter Saxton
Bruce and Barbara Ashwill

Thelma Smith
Clara Scheiber

Neil Somerville
Ellen B. Fredericks

Helen Guest Sunday
Ethel Forsyth

Milton Arthur Veerkamp
Ada N. Rose

William Chester Ward
Law Offices of Combellack & Craig

Lee Wessman
Bruce and Barbara Ashwill

Amy M. Winchell
Larry and Judy Champlin


Ivydell and Pat Dyer's Anniversary
Lawrence and Kathleen Ratto

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