Gifts from January to March 2002

James W. Bratton
Ramona A. Bratton

Nick Carter
Gladys V. Carter
Maxine Chard
Catherine Maul
Betty Hewitt

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C. Church

Louise S. Connell
Hidden Springs Villa Rec. Club

Lawrence Corbin
John and Audrey Sease

Florence E. Duncan
Rudolph F. Duncan

Estella Fray
Arbra E. Reeves and Elaine E. Reeves

Raymond Gier
Madeleine M. Weldy

James Grant Halsing
Rudolph F. Duncan

Edith M. Kling
Virgil and Sandra Norwood

Donald Nelson
Marilynn A. Moore

Robert V. Norris
Kenneth and Betty Collins

Inez Porini
Elmer F. Porini

Helen Richards
Margaret B. Ellison

Anna Margaret Sargent
Helen Sargent

Angus Sloan
Virginia Sloan

Ray Stedronsky
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Forsell

Robert Taylor
Garth and Shirley Taylor

Ida Westphal Thiele
Ida M. Stelling

William "Bill" Ward
Bill and Ruth Washabaugh

Josephine Weller
Don and Vivian Turney

Christopher P. Welter
Liane L. Martin
Donald F. Wilson
Roy F. Mortensen
Charles Welter
Stephen and Melanie Debiddle

Ed Withers
Lucille D. Vicari

Walter Wren
Betty J. Williams

Adeline Wunschel
Jack E. Moore
Karen V. Immer


Loie Bonser's Birthday
Heather L.C. Bonser-Bishop

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