Gifts from March 2009 to February 2010

General Fund
Larry and Jackie Abel
Gael and Joan Barsotti
Merwin E. Butler
El Dorado Winery Association
Joining Hands Foundation
Randall Kerr, MD
Maria Pasquale
Bill and Barbara Richardson
John and Vicki Rulison
Donald and Michele Smith
Union Bank
Dale and Dolores Aeschliman
Richard and Jean Allured
Vernon Arambel
Ralph and Sandra Bert
Charles Bishop
Jack and Doris Bleak
Loellen Bonser
John L. Burhenne
Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt F. Burk
Larren and Anna Marie Calderwood
Jessie E. Church
Church of Our Saviour
C. Robert and Joanne Clarke
Rick and Betty Cochran
Peter and Mary Ellen Comerford
Daniel and Arlene Comstock
Patricia Cook
Samuel Cott
Cynthia Cowper
Lois V. Cox
William J. Crews
William and Violet Davidson
Richard A. Del Guercio
John and Pam Driscoll
Bertram C. Drouin
Dr. Charles A. Eubanks
Martha E. Faulkner
Niles and Sheila Fleege
John and June Florin
Joseph V. Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Gigante
Walter G. Halliday
Jack and Maureen Hannaford
Betty A. Hazelton
Betty E. Hock
Edith Hoffman
Mabel E. Hoover
Herbert A. Jahn
Robert and Dorothy Jones
Mavis K. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Mark P. Kal
Paul E. Kaplan, MD
Earl H. Killian
The Rev Craig and Suzanne Kuehn
Lake Oaks Senior Mobile Home Community, Inc.
Elbert and Rhea Landes
Michal L. Lawrence
Bonnie and Jack Line
Tom and Lucille Livingstone
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Marion
Jodie O. Mashburn
Milan and Lena Mathews
William and Irma McAtee
Warren F. McHugh
Jim and Mickey McNatt
Tom and Jane Meuser
Bernice B. Michelsen
Elmer and Lena Miguelgorry
Old Town Grill
Gaylord and Phyllis Parks
Ray and Emogene Petersen
Donald F. Petersen
Cheryl Purgett
Robert and Marcella Reeder
Leighton and Doris Richardson
Raymond B. Roach
Numa Roberts
Janet L. Rodgers
James and Judith Salomon
Marlin and Florence Sampson
Herbert E. Samuels
Donald and Verna Sly
George and Elizabeth Spanos
Bette F. Sprayberry
Arthur and Gwen Stokes
Greg A. Teasley
Uygur and Derya Tekin
Josephine M. Tirapelle
United Way
Celia A. Wayland
Wilma S. Westphal
Norma J. Wilson
Vera J. Witt
Charles and Diana Zinser
Alzheimers Fund
Neal and Adele Sisson
Barbara H. Ashworth
Bob and Billie Gillett
Ed and Karen Good
Neil and Edna Knutsen
Barbara L. Leavitt
Mabel Morton
Margaret A. Stripe
Bob West Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Jean West
Harry and Judy DeWolf
Cancer Fund
Threads of Life - Quilt Auction Committee
18 Hole Ladies Group
Neal and Adele Sisson
Ed C. Berger
Jerry and Nora Colombo
Marie Filippello
Frank and Kathy Hainley
John and Evelyn Miller
Roger and Jerri Sindel
William and Penny Wilson
Cardiac Fund
Angelo and Joan Cardanini
Neal and Adele Sisson
David and Marie Gustafson
CHATT (Congestive Heart) Fund
Joyce Ferguson
Felice N. McDonald
Community Health Library
Stanley and Lorraine Hales
Charles and Ruthie Loeffelbein
Rosanna Miller
Kandi Miranda
Alice A. Robinson
Tartan Construction
Diabetes Education Fund
Neal and Adele Sisson
Emergency Room Fund
Gilbert and Katherine Trapp
Employee Assistance/Bridging the Gap Fund
Kevin and Phyllis Mark
Dorothy Boyd
Jo Ann and Anthony Creel
Julianne D. Frey-Keeler
Eleanor Giberson
Cari L. Hartung
Carolyn Hughes
Nancy A. Jones
Neil and Edna Knutsen
Kristina and Stephen Miller
Richard and Judy Morris
Janet and Fred Morzov
Diana K. Plagens
Cheryl Purgett
Kathleen L. Shumac
Sharon D. Siebenthal
Forget-Me-Not Fund (Breast Cancer Awareness)
June Combellack
Helen Dieckmann Fund for Respiratory Home Care
Estate of H. Clay Dieckmann
Harry J. Borde
iWalk (Int'l Walk to School) Fund
C & H Motor Parts
Northside School
Schnell School Parent Club
Sierra Parent Club
Janet Nachtman Cancer Fund
The Little Give Event
June Combellack
Bill and Billie Chapman
Robert and Evelyn Crowder
Diagnostic Imaging - Cameron Park Employees
Diagnostic Imaging - Placerville Employees
William R. Evans
Bob and Billie Gillett
Renee A. Hargrove
Fern Harper
Clyde and Natalie Hebbron
Tracey and Kevin Klumb
Alan and Jeri McKnight
Patricia A. McLean
Claire and Jeffrey Winger
Karen Miller Memorial Fund for Healthcare Education
Gary and Marty Aalberg
Dave and Karen Sterling
Ms. Annemiek Storm and Mr. Edward Means
Marshall Golden Club Fund
Robinson's Pharmacy
Mathewson-Bonser Nursing Scholarship Fund
B T Rocca Jr Foundation
Union Bank
Gary and Sandie Abreo
Pediatric Fund
Steven Doescher
Mary E. Wall
Pink Ribbon Fund for Breast Cancer Awareness
El Dorado Community Foundation
Shelby Ball
Ray & Zella Miller Emergency Response System Fund
Jim and Maureen Carter
Warren Judson
ResponseLink, LLC
Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Fund
Dr. and Mrs. John Tucker
Strength for the Journey - Surviving Sudden Loss
Skip and Judy Kelly
Soroptimist International of Cameron Park
Gilbert and Earline Gutenberger
Walt and Leona Narr
Stephanie and Tim Poole
The BirthPlace at Marshall Hospital
Diana Bodi
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Jones
Transitional Care Center Fund
Fred and Annabel Morris
Gloria L. Ross

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(530) 642-9984