Heart of Gold 2011

  • For years, Mabel was best known for giving money away as a member of our Annual Funding Committee that grants dollars for worthy healthcare programs during the year, and she has always been passionate about this role. 
  • Mabel has been a trustworthy, accountable member of the Board of Trustees since day one! 
  • Whenever we needed help, she always demonstrated a willingness to do whatever was needed. 
  • Mabel has always gone the extra mile! 
  • In 2011 as Mabel’s health continued to be challenged, she stepped up to participate in any way she could. Attending both committee and board meetings while sometimes in a great deal of pain. 
  • In 2011, she actively participated and garnered items for our drawing at the golf tournament. She was seen carrying a heavy box of wine up the steep foundation walkway in order to fulfill her commitment to help. 
  • In 2011, she was the first board member to pledge to the Cancer Center Campaign and the first to fulfill her pledge. 
  • In the fall of 2011, Mabel graciously agreed to tell her courageous story of cancer as she related the excellent care provided by Dr. diVittorio and others at Marshall Medical Center. 
  • Now in her 9th year of service to the board, donors view Mabel on the Cancer Center Campaign DVD telling how important she thinks the expansion of cancer services is to our community and its patients.

However you look at it, Mabel has won the hearts of her fellow board members and has finished her work well. She will always be remembered for her outstanding passion for Marshall and for enthusiastically funding programs that care for people! The Heart of Gold award depicts a tender, caring figure. The head of the figure is lowered to suggest thoughtful concern. The central aspect of the figure is an open heart that both gives and receives freely. In giving her heart, Mabel in return is being given the opportunity to direct $2,000 to be given in our health care community locally as a public example of what it really means to experience the internal reward you can only get from giving.

Note: The Bennett Sculpture is designed by MK Shannon and is entitled Heart of Gold.