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At Marshall Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, we treat a complete range of conditions that can impact your quality of life and independence. We're on the cutting edge of treatments in many areas, including the following:

• Are you feeling unsteady when you walk?
• Are you stumbling when you walk?
• Do you have to grab onto walls and furniture to keep your balance?
• Have you had any falls?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may benefit from a balance assessment from oneof our physical therapists. From this evaluationthe physical therapist can address the areas thatare causing your balance problems and formulatean individualized exercise program includinghome exercise. This may involve a combinationof stretches, strengthening exercises, andactivities in standing and walking with eyes openand closed. Your progress will be measured witha series of tests during the course of rehabilitationwith the goals of making you feel safe, confidentand secure when performing your daily activities.

• Are you experiencing wooziness, lightheadedness, dizziness or a foggy sensation inyour head?
• Do you feel the world spinning or are youstaggering when you walk?
• Are you getting temporary blurriness of yourvision when you move your head?

This may indicate you are having symptoms ofvertigo. There are many causes of vertigo and alot of times patients are told there is no treatmentfor it and to live with it. A thorough physicaltherapy evaluation can determine the cause ofvertigo and a treatment plan can be formulated toalleve your symptoms.

• Do you experience leakage of small amountsof urine when you cough or sneeze?
• Do you experience an involuntary loss ofurine associated with a strong desire orurgency to void?

Did you know urinary incontinence is notpart of normal aging! If you avoid socialgathering or limit your daily activities due toincontinence, we have a program for you. Ourcontinence improvement program begins witha thorough assessment to identify the causesof bladder incontinence. We will instruct youin and enhanced pelvic musculature programfollowed by a noninvasive electrical stimulationprogram to maximize results. No matter theage or duration of symptoms improvement iswithin your reach!