For Those with Serious Illness

Advanced Illness Management:

Quality of Life Is Part of Your Journey

Our Team

Benefits of AIM

If you or a loved one suffers from a serious or chronic illness, you may benefit from Advanced Illness
Management, or AIM. The AIM team reflects Marshall Medical Center's commitment to palliative care, the treatment of a serious medical condition's emotional toll. 

The AIM team is an inter-disciplinary group – an MD, alongside a nurse practitioner, registered nurse,  two social workers and 
a chaplain – of professionals dedicated to providing patient and family-centered care. It is a collaborative between Marshall and Snowline Hospice launched in 2012 to deliver care to a growing patient base. Our goal is to support the whole person in the whole process. 

The program specializes in improving the quality of life for our patients and families facing advanced or complex illnesses.  

  • If your condition involves chronic pain, surgeries, and/or ongoing complicated treatment, you have the option to receive AIM care upon referral from a physician. You may request this service yourself.

  • AIM is not hospice care or intended just for those with a terminal illness. AIM provides comprehensive medical, social and emotional treatment of a complex or chronic illness. 

  • Unlike hospice, with AIM you may still be aggressively treating a disease and undergoing treatments to cure it. AIM is available to you while you are an inpatient at Marshall Hospital. 

  • If you have an advanced illness that would benefit from a multi-faceted, team approach to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life, discuss the program with your hospital physician or another staff member to get a referral and consultation from our specially trained AIM staff.