Volunteer Labor Support Training

Training for Labor Support Volunteers. Training is two weekend days. Labor Support Volunteers will partner with the nursing staff to assist expecting mothers during labor and birth by providing non-clinical care including emotional, physical, and informational guidance, suggestions for comfort measures and positioning, and provide help for her partner and family.

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No previous experience or training necessary. We will train and mentor applicants if they are chosen for the position. Certified and trained Doulas are encouraged to apply.

Flexible on-call scheduling, 2 shifts per month and 1 year commitment.

Orientation, Training and becoming a Hospital Volunteer required including background check, drug screening and vaccine requirements.

Application and Interview are required. For information contact Paula Conriquez at 530-626-2990 or pconriquez@marshallmedical.org

Registration Info: Community Health Education

Registration Type: Call to Register

Upcoming Events

  • October 17, 2020
    9:00am - 4:00pm
    (Please call for availability.)

Event Information

530-626-2990 or pconriquez@marshallmedical.org

Registration Type: Call to Register

Registration Info: Community Health Education