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Nat Sherrill Story

When Nat was visiting Placerville from out of town, he passed out in the middle of the night. He was rushed to Marshall where they treated him for a bleeding ulcer.

Brooke and Justin's Birth Story

When Brooke experienced complications after giving birth to her daughter, Blair, the Marshall Birth Center sprung into action.


Marshall Birth Center

Terra Edwards had her first baby, Henry at the Marshall Birth Center. Watch her describe her experience in this short video.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Byron Slavin went from heart patient to Boston Marathon finisher, all in under a year. Through sheer determination and a lot of hard work, he partnered with Marshall Cardiac Rehabilitation and exercise physiologist Reggie Higashi to meet his goal.

Cancer Center

Janet Henke was diagnosed with an aggressive form of uterine cancer in 2016. Today she’s cancer-free. In between, she learned the care from Marshall Medical Center's cancer specialists goes far beyond medicine.

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

A torn knee ligament brought Kevin Oliver to Marshall Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. On his journey from reconstructive surgery to total recovery, he discovered quality customer service makes for a positive outcome.

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Amazing ER nurse Julie

I don’t usually submit reviews but I felt the need to just tell you how wonderful your ED Nurse Julie Kahm (I could be spelling that wrong) is. I brought my grandmother to the ED over the weekend, and she is usually very skeptical of going to the hospital, I cannot thank Julie enough for her bedside manner, her compassionate care, and I know that they are working their butt off in there and they are busy but she honestly had some of the best bedside manner I’ve seen in a nurse in a while, which helped ease my grandmas anxiety. I work in nursing administration outside of Marshall Hospital, so I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. And Julie was so amazing with my grandmother and family that I felt compelled to write a review and thank her. We need more nurses like her, and I hope she will be able to see this review because she made a difference to somebody. I know she helps a lot of people in one day but sometimes people just need to hear how much they have really made a difference. So thank you, keep doing what you are doing, it matters

/ El Dorado, CA
patient at infusion unit

I've been going to the infusion unit for the past 3 or so weeks-with who knows how much longer to go-and I have to say the staff is nothing short of amazing! I've been taught to think that everyone has a sign on their chest that says "Make Me Feel Important"-these people do, and then some. No matter how busy and stressed out they are, they ALWAYS have a genuine smile on their faces and they are always checking with their patients to see if there's anything they can do. They not only infuse the liquid medication, they also infuse confidence, respect and so much more. Tia, Ahnalinn, Charlie, and all of them (I've met so many that I cannot remember all their names)-I feel like there is nothing they cannot do! If there is a Hall of Fame for medical personnel, they would be in on the first ballot.

round of applause

Nurse Danna, who works within Dr. Ernst psychiatry office in Cameron Park, Ca, is absolutely amazing. She is SO therapeutic in hectic situations. I have had many conversations with her trying to figure out appointment times and prescription refills that would work with my very hectic student schedule. She has been the one person easing my chaos. She really is kind on a level that is hard to find these days and I appreciate her so much. Danna is a gold individual especially working in a mental health office. She deserves to be recognized for her excellence.

/ Cameron Park, CA
Amazing Surgical Team

On September 6th I had my gallbladder removed by Dr. Lussenden. He and his surgical team were amazing! I wasn't nervous because each of them took the time to go over everything that would be happening to me. They kept me laughing, and calm. When i woke up up My nurse Jason was so nice, he didn't rush me to wake up and was so kind when my stomach didn't agree with the motion of moving my bed to recovery. A day that should've made me nervous and scared was turned into a calm experience.

/ Folsom, CA
Recent treatment for kidney stones

On going kidney stone issues led me back to Marshall to undergo shockwave surgery last week. All through the out patient procedure, I was met with compassionate and expert hospital personal. Beginning with the receptionist, to the pre-op nurse Jillian, the operating room nurse Jeff, the anesthesiologist Dr. Kerr, the post-op nurse Willow, and the recovery nurse Teresa, all were comforting and sensitive to my needs. My urologist, Dr. Montorello, and the shockwave treatment expert were professional, thorough, and respectful . Dr. Montorello has a direct, yet calm manner that readily puts one at ease. An emergency situation in 2017 for kidney stones at Marshall, with Dr. Montorello, was equally as professional and committed to my well being. Thank you for your dedication to high quality care that keeps humanity at its core!

/ Somerset, CA
ER Staff amazing

We are walking though some very difficult moments with an aging grandma. The Staff in the ER have been amazing in providing loving high quality care for grandma. Wendy R was compassionate and kind when grandma was ranting and raving and lashing out against the family and ER staff. Eileen A, Jill L, Dr Oliaro and the security staff were sweet and gentle when we returned a few weeks later with a broken hip. We really appreciate knowing that we have a incredible place to bring grandma when a higher level of care is needed. We love the respect that is given when grandma is acting out, we know she would be mortified if she had any idea how she was acting. Thank you for all the love and care not only given to grandma but to the tired family as well. We are blessed to have you in our community.

/ Placerville, CA
ED Visit 06/16/19

"My experience with ED was very good. Assessment, x-rays, diagnosis, prognosis and prescription moved along very rapidly. I was on my way home by 2:30 pm. All staff was mindful and gentle with my injury (fractured ankle). The P.Ac was pleasant and thorough."

/ Camino, CA
ER Fast track is wonderful

We came to the ER for a very non emergent issue. We had the blessing of having Lisa and Wendy in triage. They were so kind to my son, who was the patient. Our wait time was great and we were able to be seen by fast track. The very best part of our visit was the Fast track staff!!! NP Katrina and nurse Shelly were EXCEPTIONAL!!!! My son had poison oak on his face in his ear and in his groin. The care he received was wow worthy. They were educational and kind. The empathy and privacy shown to my teen son I will never forget. They empowered him in allowing him to make choices about his health care. I want to give a HUGE thank you to nurse Shelly and NP Katrina. You two are the very reason that Marshall in as exceptional as it is. We will never forget your kind professionalism. What an asset you are to Marshall and this community. Thank you from our family!

/ Placerville, CA
Supportive, informative and caring

My mother recently passed away at the ICU unit at Marshall's. I can't say enough positive things about the quality of her care and the support and comfort the nurses and all the staff provided her and our family. The ICU lead doctor, Dr. Tirumala, and the nursing staff during her weeklong ordeal were informative and supportive to our family, and worked to provide our mother comfort and dignity during this very difficult time. I can't list all the nurses, but David was remarkably supportive and gentle for the majority of her time, and Jody was a comfort to her and the family as she passed away. We are very thankful for their help to us all during this very difficult time. In addition to the ICU department, all doctors and staff from the ER (physician, Dr. Randhawa) and her surgeon, Dr. Thayer, provided excellent care, support, and comfort.

/ Cameron Park, CA
Amazing Experience

My husband and I had a FANTASTIC experience at Marshall Birth Center. First, we decided to take a tour of the facility before our baby was born - when you go in, you’re greeted by a friendly admin staff. The center has spacious, private rooms with a pull out bed for your significant other to sleep in, a huge jetted tub to relax in (as much as you can) during labor, access to some basic food items (my hubby appreciated this), birthing and peanut balls to help assist with labor, and most importantly, the BEST nursing staff ever. We had to come in several times before the birth of our baby to do some NSTs to make sure our babe was doing ok, so we had the chance to meet a lot of staff and see a lot of the different things they do for a mom when she comes to the hospital. Melissa and Haley were the NST nurses we saw, and they were friendly and eased our concerns when we didn’t know what was going on. When it came time for the big event to happen, we checked in for an early induction and were cared for by Kristy, Mariam, Rachel, and Peyton. I don’t know if I could say enough good things about these 4 wonderful ladies. They made my 32 hour labor seem like a piece of cake- in fact, they had me laughing and joking most of the time (even between pushes). Not only were they extremely informative and kept me knowing what was going, but they comforted me when they could see I was stressed or in pain and they truly made it a pleasant experience. I would be friends with each of them outside of this experience, and I actually miss them now that I am not in the hospital! Not only did they completely cater to my needs and emotions, but they also really eased my husband’s mind and made this a “fun” and less stressful event for him as well, which helped me relax. My doctors, Dr. Cherry and Dr. Tobin-Williams were also wonderful; kept me informed of my options for pain managements and were friendly and familiar faces (since I had seen both of them while pregnant). Ariel, the anesthesiologist, was friendly and professional, and came in a day later to check on me and baby to make sure everything was going ok, which was very appreciated. Our two pediatricians, Dr. Rendla and Dr. Christiansen, were great with our baby, very informative, and both my husband and I feel incredibly comfortable with either of them treating our baby for the next several years of his childhood. Nanci, Katie, and Sharon were our postpartum nurses and were also very informative about what to expect when taking baby home (they all swaddled like pros!) and made sure our stay was as comfortable as possible. Jamie and Christine, were our two amazing lactation consultants. Jamie was SO sweet and helpful in the hospital, showing me how to get the proper latch, talking me through proper diet for someone in my situation (breastfeeding with PCOS), and she checked up on us before we left to make sure we had everything figured out. Christine called to check up a few days later to make sure everything was still going well and ask if I had any questions, and was so friendly and nice- I know that if I ever have any concerns, I can call them without any fear of judgement or being embarrassed. Also wanted to mention how appreciative we were for the friendly interactions with Lisa and Jessica, charge nurses, and the housekeeping staff (I didn’t catch their names) who brought my meals, took out garbages, and made sure we had enough clean linens and pillows. The smallest things made a huge difference. Thank you very much to everyone Marshall Birth Center!

/ Placerville, CA
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