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Healthy Living with Diabetes

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  • Event Type:Diabetes and Nutrition Program

Marshall Medical is excited to offer you a 3-part class series designed to help you manage your diabetes.  

Healthy Living Class #1: Gaining Better Control
This class is led by a nurse who provides the basics of diabetes self-management. You will learn about the pathophysiology of diabetes (what happens in the body that causes high blood glucose), the complications of uncontrolled diabetes and how to prevent them, as well as tools to control your diabetes.

Healthy Living Class #2: Healthy Eating for Diabetes
This class is led by a dietitian who provides the meal planning basics and how to create a meal plan specific to your needs. This class helps you learn about food and exercise and how they affect your overall health and blood glucose control.

Healthy Living Class #3: Your Plan for Success
This class is led by a nurse and takes a longer-range look at managing your diabetes in the months and years to come. You will learn about reducing your risk for chronic complications, goal setting and staying motivated over time.

Classes are offered virtually every month (except July and December) on three consecutive Wednesdays.  

There is no charge for this class.

Registration is required.  In addition to registration, participants must sign the following consent form prior to attending the event:

Contact Information:

Please contact Diabetes and Nutrition Education (DNE) at 530-672-7021.

  • Price: Free
  • Registration Instructions: Online Registration