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Rebecca Barlow

About Rebecca Barlow

Rebecca Barlow, RN, MSN, CNW, is a certified nurse midwife with experience in labor and delivery intrapartum and antepartum care, couplet care, treatment decision support, and diverse populations. She earned her undergraduate degree in human services from LeTourneau University, followed by a Master of Science Degree in nursing and midwifery from Frontier Nursing University.  

She founded the international non-profit organization Nich La (The Nest), a free-standing birth center and homebirth practice tailored to meet the needs missionaries, expatriates, and sex trafficking victims in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  

Rebecca’s philosophy is that birth is a sacred moment, a life transition. Families are being created or transformed as each new little human arrives. To her, it is a privilege to be invited in, to hold the space and to bear witness to the love, strength, and beauty of ushering in new life. 

In her free time, Rebecca loves to garden, kayak, cherish her time with her last couple of “babies” left in the nest, and romp around places like Europe, New England, Haiti, and most recently the foothills of Northern California or the Oregon coast.