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Keeping Kids Active in Cold Weather

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  • Written By: Brittany Garcia
Keeping Kids Active in Cold Weather

Q: How do I keep my kids active in cold weather?

A: As we sink further into winter and the weather continues to keep us chilly, it can be difficult to find ways to keep our kids active. According to Stanley Henjum, MD, cardiologist at Marshall, exercise is good for the heart in a number of ways. “It reduces the chance of major cardiac events (heart attack and sudden cardiac death), improves insomnia and depression and reduces risk for osteoporosis and fractures later in life. Here are a few fun ideas for physical activity when it’s too cold to go outside:

  • Put on music and have a dance party.
  • Play games requiring movement. Simon Says and Charades require no special equipment, or budget allowing, you can hook up a Wii or Xbox Kinect.
  • Set up an obstacle course using furniture, cushions and pillows.
  • Create a hopscotch pattern on the floor using masking tape.
  • For older kids, set up an indoor basketball hoop, set up an area for weights, or install a pull-up bar.

If you and/or your family start to get cabin fever, you can also go bowling, or take a walk inside the mall. Some local gyms also have play areas for them to enjoy while you get in a quick workout.