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    I went to Marshall's emergency room with what I thought was an asthma attack. I expected a quick breathing treatment and a speedy discharge home, as that is what always happened when I went to the E.R. with breathing problems. Well, after my breathing treatment, and as they were preparing my discharge papers, I went into respiratory failure. I don't recall much after that, but I do know that I was intubated and admitted to Marshall's ICU, placed in a medically induced coma, and hooked up to a ventilator. I remained in the ICU for 11 days. Although my recollection of my time in the ICU is very fuzzy, I can say that the staff is beyond amazing! They are so very compassionate, and incredibly patient! Due to the medications used to keep me sedated, I became delirious. I was convinced the ICU nurses were all purple skinned aliens who had set up an elaborate "Marshall Medical" hologram, and were intent on harvesting my organs. In my delirium, I was absolutely convinced they were going to kill me, and I was NOT pleasant to them. I'm mortified after reading through my admission notes and I feel just awful about the way I treated the ICU staff! Especially the nurse I kicked in the face! *those meds are no joke! That person was NOT me! Anyway, long story short, I am a 48 year old single mother to three young kiddos and we are so very grateful to Marshall. You saved my life! Thank you.

    - JE
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    I had an MRI and I was very nervous. The radiologist was terrific! Kind, patient and got me through it, all calm and collected. Thank you!

    - JL
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    I sat in the ER waiting room for about 5 seconds before they were triaging me. The nicest most professional staff ever. I’m talking about everyone, not just the nurses and doctors. God bless all of them and thank you for taking such good care of me.

    - Cory
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    Marshall is filled with great doctors, and caring staff and nurses. It feels like family here.

    - JH
  • I would like to thank the ER team for my amazing care I received. Featured

    I would like to thank the ER team for my amazing care I received. I was treated with respect and caring throughout. The Dr. was very thorough with her work up. I finally got an accurate diagnosis for my symptoms and my pain. The nurses were attentive to my needs. Thank you for everything! You are really great at your job! Thank you for making sure I was comfortable and all my needs were met.

    - K
  • The whole staff is so nice and they truly want to help. Featured

    I love the staff here. They always follow through with what they say they will do. I've never had to remind them. They are amazing. The whole staff is so nice and they truly want to help.

    - AF