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  • Laura R.

    I just want to thank all the staff members for every thing they are doing now and always! A special Thanks to the Radiology department for always caring and making me feel important. They always go out of their way to help.

    - Laura R.
  • Rich

    My brother Will went missing in Pollack Pines last month and we were fortunate enough to find him alive. When he was found in the mountains, he was rushed to Marshall and admitted into the ICU. His core body temp was alarmingly low, was suffering from dehydration, frostbite and other physical and mental ailments. Our family rushed to the area immediately to help and had the pleasure of interacting with your staff. Words do not suffice for the experience encountered; your ICU nurses were the most understanding and professional nurses I have ever dealt with. Not only did they take care of my brother, they were the rock for the entire family. I'm not trying to take away from each Doctor that interacted also, they too were amazing. When he was released from the ICU and moved to the 2nd floor until discharge we received the same stellar service from the staff on that ward also. Truly thankful for everyone and everything done by the staff at Marshall Medical during this family situation.

    - Rich H.
  • Amazing ER nurse Julie

    I don’t usually submit reviews but I felt the need to just tell you how wonderful your ED Nurse Julie Kahm (I could be spelling that wrong) is. I brought my grandmother to the ED over the weekend, and she is usually very skeptical of going to the hospital, I cannot thank Julie enough for her bedside manner, her compassionate care, and I know that they are working their butt off in there and they are busy but she honestly had some of the best bedside manner I’ve seen in a nurse in a while, which helped ease my grandmas anxiety. I work in nursing administration outside of Marshall Hospital, so I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. And Julie was so amazing with my grandmother and family that I felt compelled to write a review and thank her. We need more nurses like her, and I hope she will be able to see this review because she made a difference to somebody. I know she helps a lot of people in one day but sometimes people just need to hear how much they have really made a difference. So thank you, keep doing what you are doing, it matters.

    - Loretta
  • Fredrick

    I served in the US Air Force years ago, and we never used hearing protection back then, so unfortunately I suffered high frequency hearing loss. My symptoms became worse over the years and my family doctor, Caesar Ang, set me up with the Marshall Medical Hearing and I was pleasantly surprised how well they diagnosed my hearing loss and subsequently I ordered hearing aids. When I put the hearing aids in for the first time I cried tears of joy at being able to hear again! What a fantastic experience!

    I also recently went back to the Marshall Medical Hearing and ENT office to have my sinuses examined as I've been suffering quite a lot with allergies etc. The entire experience from checking in with the friendly staff and the awesome nurse, to seeing Dr. Chase was amazing! I like Dr. Chase! He spent a long time with me talking and examining me. He then prescribed some nasal sprays and removed huge balls of wax from my ears. My suffering is over! I felt I needed to share how grateful and impressed I am with Marshall Medical Hearing and ENT!

    - Fredrick H.
  • Patient at Infusion Unit

    I've been going to the infusion unit for the past 3 or so weeks-with who knows how much longer to go-and I have to say the staff is nothing short of amazing! I've been taught to think that everyone has a sign on their chest that says "Make Me Feel Important"-these people do, and then some. No matter how busy and stressed out they are, they ALWAYS have a genuine smile on their faces and they are always checking with their patients to see if there's anything they can do. They not only infuse the liquid medication, they also infuse confidence, respect and so much more. Tia, Ahnalinn, Charlie, and all of them (I've met so many that I cannot remember all their names)-I feel like there is nothing they cannot do! If there is a Hall of Fame for medical personnel, they would be in on the first ballot.

    - Antony H.
  • Round of Applause

    Nurse Danna, who works within Dr. Ernst psychiatry office in Cameron Park, Ca, is absolutely amazing. She is SO therapeutic in hectic situations. I have had many conversations with her trying to figure out appointment times and prescription refills that would work with my very hectic student schedule. She has been the one person easing my chaos. She really is kind on a level that is hard to find these days and I appreciate her so much. Danna is a gold individual especially working in a mental health office. She deserves to be recognized for her excellence.

    - Leah A.