Gifts from October to December 2002

Cora E. Allen
Dorothy Atkins

Joy M. Amann
Jack H. Amann

Lillian F. Azevedo
Mr. and Mrs. David Allan

Nancy Baker
Loretta S. Bryld

Carlton & Ettie Lee Bonner
    Charles and Mary D'Ooge

Dulce Borde
Harry J. Borde

Don Chadwick
Yolanda Chadwick

Gene Chadwick
Dolores A. Gier

Ann Chandon
Elsie M. Sepe

Barbara E. Church
Kenneth C. Church

Nancy Cressman
Barbara Spiller

Ed Dreese
Geraldine Dreese

Mary Mance Fucich
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Fucich

Audrey Gerhard
Loretta S. Bryld

Raymond L. Gier
Dolores A. Gier

Albert Harris
Blair and Irene Harris

Bernice Harris
Thomas Harris

Norman Henningsen
Barbara J. Henningsen
Hazel Henningsen

Marie Hill
Stanley Hill

Mary E. Ingleheart
Betty J. Drum

William Haughey Isaacs
Helene Isaacs

Dorothy M. Keith
Robert W. Keith

Franklin Kennedy
Prudential Financial

Walter E. Lybeck
Mary S. Lybeck

Leonard Philip Maddock
Boycie and Meta Vanderlinden
Hazel E. Aucoin

Frances Marden
Luther R. Marden

Lois Maul
Richard Maul

Ted Maul
Catherine Maul

Katherine M. McGrath
Yousif and Lamees Dajani

Beatrice McLean
George A. McLean

Edward D. Meyer
Lois Meyer

Richard "Chip" Miller
Martin F. Welsh, M.D.

George W. Mitchell
Mary M. Marks

Walter Murray
Larry and Jackie Abel

Stan Nadler
Elizabeth Clark

Robert V. Norris
Lois A. Norris

Doctor Dale R. Oien
Ruby K. Oien

John A. Pierroz
Anne K. Pierroz

Noreene F. Plett
Anna M. Posten
Naomi Irving

Ruth Powell
Howard Powell

Rex Quiberg
Dolores A. Gier

Donald "Don" W. Robinson
Robinson's Pharmacy
John and Audrey Sease
Eugene and Mary Robinson

Vicki Schulhauser
Siegfried and Helen Henne

Marie Seronello
John M. Seronello

Chauncey J. Smith
Mary J. Smith

Rene M. Soule
Eva Soule

Nancy Spiller
Barbara Spiller

William J. Stewart
Alice K. Stewart

Genevieve Sullivan
Diana Sullivan

Howard J. Sullivan
Diana Sullivan

Homer Tate
Barney B. Tate

Helmut Thielboerger
Hilde Thielboerger

Ida Westphal Thiele
Ida M. Stelling

Julia K. Upton
Emory and Lee Upton

Trena Vance
Mike and Jan Leonard
Charlotte and John Morgan
Doris Nickles

Norman Winje
Evelyn Winje

Joe K. Winward
John and Clara Winward

Paul E. Witt
Vera J. Witt

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