Community Health Library

Marshall Community Health Library

Health Information in El Dorado County

Marshall Medical Entrance3581 Palmer Drive, Suite 101
Cameron Park
Phone: (530) 626-2778
Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

(Library hours are subject to change due to meetings and events--please feel free to phone us to confirm open hours on the day of your visit.)

The Marshall Community Health Library's mission is to promote health and support evidence-based medical decision-making, by providing El Dorado County residents and healthcare providers with reliable medical information, literature research services and educational wellness workshops.

The Community Health Libraryreading area

  • Is a public library serving community members and healthcare providers, free of charge.
  • Offers 5000 resources including books for adults and children, journals, CDs & DVDs in English and Spanish - all available for free loan. Topics include: nutrition, mental health, fitness, dementia, pregnancy, caregiving, aging, children's health, and complementary therapies.
  • Shares an online catalog with El Dorado County library:
  • Conducts literature searches for community members, medical center employees, and physicians.
  • Provides three computers with privacy screens and free internet access to reliable health information. Staff is available at all times to assist.
  • Provides free access to the natural medicines comprehensive database, professional version. Data includes levels of effectiveness, interactions, and links to relevant studies in PubMed.
  • Serves as a referral point for health related support groups and community resources.
  • Is a member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NLM). Benefits include fast and free access to full-text medical journal articles for healthcare providers.


Materials available in the Community Health Library do not imply approval or recommendation by the library or Marshall Medical Center.