Whole Child Health

Whole Child Health

mother and babyIntegrated Pediatric Medicine in El Dorado County

Marshall Whole Child Health was established to offer an integrative approach to pediatric care. The clinic focuses on finding and treating the root causes of illness through nutrition and lifestyle. Marshall Whole Child Health pursues an evidence-based extension of traditional medicine, combining years-old knowledge with modern medicine. The goal is to empower patients with prevention and nutrition, alongside an emphasis on behavior and overcoming stress.

Services include:

  • Pediatric Integrative / Functional Medicine
  • Pediatric Functional Medicine Nutrition
  • Targeted Nutritional Therapy
  • Natural Remedies (homeopathy, herbal medicine)
  • Life coaching

Meet the Whole Child Health staff:

  • Katie Long, MD believes in an integrative approach to patient care, focusing on using nutrition and lifestyle to support wellness. Dr. Long brings a passion for functional medicine to her patients and their families.
  • Jessica Santos, FNP-C looks for the "why" behind the symptoms, seeking out the root cause of illness. In finding these connections, she is able to correct imbalances in the body in order to reduce or eliminate symptoms.
  • Nicole Shorrock, MD established Marshall Whole Child Health after working at Marshall Pediatrics. The clinic reflects her integrative, holistic approach. She stresses the importance of prevention, nutrition, behavior and development, while integrating the balance of mind and body.

What is Functional Medicine?

In the functional method, physicians look to address the patient as a whole, rather than treating one specific disease. A functional medicine doctor carefully assesses a patient’s symptoms and designs treatment to address the underlying factors that are causing them. By reviewing health history, genetic factors, and lifestyle choices, a functional medicine practitioner can prescribe a variety of treatments to improve a patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

Essentially, functional medicine works to address symptoms that cause the disease, rather than a disease that causes symptoms. For example, a person with depression may be suffering from lack of appetite, sleep deprivation, and Vitamin D deficiency. While the condition is contributing to the symptoms, treating the symptoms is essential to remedying the condition as a whole. In functional medicine, we look for the core cause of a patient’s health issues.

The Importance of Pediatric Functional Medicine Nutrition

Healing goes beyond treating and managing symptoms. At Marshall Whole Child Health, nutrition is an important method in determining why symptoms occur.

Functional Medicine prioritizes digestive health. After all, the digestive system is one of the body’s most important line of defense against pathogens.

What if a patient is prescribed a medication that competes with a vitamin’s benefits? We’re here to discover if conflict exists between prescription and nutrition. For example, antacids can interfere with Vitamin B12 and calcium, which can decrease levels of stomach acid. This can in turn lead to the development of harmful bacteria.

We treat a range of nutritional ailments, from infants who have acid reflux to preschoolers who can’t properly digest antibiotics. We manage that balance. We use blood, urine and hair samples to treat the entire patient and live up to our name.

An Integrated Approach to Childcare

Your child only deserves the best in medical care. Whole Child Health’s integrated approach to medicine means that patients receive traditional treatments in addition to functional medicine. The clinic is located at 3106 Ponte Morino Dr, Suite B in Cameron Park.

To schedule an appointment call (530) 672-7037