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These Are Not Your Mother's Hearing Aids

Technology and design have brought sleek new styles and amazing capabilities to electronic devices we use every day. So why not hearing devices?

Advances in hearing device technology have improved every aspect — from size and clarity to features such as Bluetooth capabilities. Those living with hearing loss can enjoy more benefits than ever before.

Today’s hearing devices are extremely discreet; some are even smaller than a watch battery. Even behind-the-ear hearing devices are smaller than ever while some in-the-canal style hearing devices are 100 percent invisible, making it impossible to know who’s wearing a hearing aid. With digital technology, devices provide a more accurate simulation of the way the ear works. That means sounds are more natural to the user. The devices can automatically adjust to rapidly changing listening environments, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Also, that irritating whistle that lets everyone know you are wearing hearing devices is gone. Feedback management technology allows the hearing device to recognize feedback and squelch it before it ever occurs.

Communication clarity is made possible by microphones that focus on the sound source while reducing or eliminating irritating and distracting background noise. That stuffed up or “talking in the barrel” feeling has also been eliminated by slim design hearing devices that leave your ear canal open, resulting in comfort and clarity of speech.

Some hearing devices are now Bluetooth enabled, able to receive wireless signals sent from or to other Bluetooth enabled devices such as your cell phone, television, FM radios and GPS.

Imagine being able to watch television with your whole family without having to turn up the volume of the TV; you can adjust the volume manually for your own hearing device. You can even listen to the radio or a ballgame — all in your ear. No more yelling into the phone or being yelled at. Bluetooth hearing amplifiers for your cell phone makes telephone conversations easier and clearer.

With so many types and styles of hearing devices, let a licensed audiologist guide your choice. Marshall ENT & Hearing Center’s licensed audiologists provide hearing evaluations, professional counseling, hearing device fittings and service geared to provide patients with the best hearing possible. Offices are located in Placerville and Cameron Park. Most insurance will cover a comprehensive evaluation when referred by a physician and performed by an audiologist.

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