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Tips and Tricks for a Safe, but Spooky Halloween

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  • Written By: Brittany Garcia
Tips and Tricks for a Safe, but Spooky Halloween

Like so many things this year, Halloween is going to look a bit different. Kids, teens and adults need a fun event to look forward to, but be creative this year so your family can enjoy it safely. Because we are avoiding parties and haunted houses this year, here are some ideas for virtual activities: Set up an online gathering for virtual costume contests and other games. Have a round robin dance contest. Set up a spooky scavenger hunt in your yard with hidden treats for kids to find. If you invite neighbors and friends, make sure everyone wears masks and maintains their distance from others.

Traditional trick-or-treating is risky, because it involves interaction with many different people. However, if you do choose to go ahead with this tradition, here are some recommendations on staying safe:

  • Plan ahead. Call your neighbors to find out who is participating so you only knock or ring the bell where you’re welcome.
  • Wear a mask-- the right kind. While masks that are part of costumes do cover much of the face, they do not protect against the coronavirus. Wear a cloth mask underneath to protect you and those you interact with. Coach your children to simply say “Happy Halloween” and move on if they encounter candy givers or other neighbors without a mask on.
  • Keep from crowding. Discourage large groups of kids from gathering around the same door or house.
  • If you’re giving out candy, wear a mask and gloves. Toss the candy or set up a sanitized table with pre-filled goodie bags. Search the internet for creative ways to maintain social distancing and still distribute candy like a chute down your stair rail or a zip line.
  • Practice hand hygiene. Experts say that hand hygiene is most important and that parents don’t need to wash or sterilize candy wrappers. Remind children that they must wait until after they’ve washed their hands before diving into their stash.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, be sure to capture those fun moments. Just because we’re celebrating differently doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cherish those memories when we look back in the years to come.