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New Patient Story

  • Author: Cody Grevelding
  • Date Submitted: Nov 3, 2021
I am Pati Grevelding, mom to Cody Grevelding, passed away 7/4/21 at age 35. Marshall Medical Emergency Department became a second home to Cody and I. Cody was a Kaiser Patient but suffered from chronic uncontrollable seizures. I would call 911 when he would seize and he would have to be taken to Marshall every seizure. These started around 1996 at age 10. Between the paramedics and Marshall Emergency team he would get the best ever medical care, compassion and attention every time. This wasn’t a couple times, this was 12-24 times a year from 1996-2021. Until the last time they graciously cared for my Cody. The nurse escorted him in the ambulance to Kaiser Sacramento because he had been intubated for the first time out of all those years. My son was family to that emergency department. Some even came to his memorial. The love and care they gave Cody is over and beyond normal care. The support for me as a mom was helpful and encouraging. We went through many milestones together. Too many to list, to many medical staff to list. I now grieve with such a grateful heart to all those wonderful people who give tirelessly every day. All I can say is thank you, thank you, I love you all, God Bless all of you in Marshall ER❤️🤍💙😇