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New Patient Story

  • Author: Kathy Nesmon
  • Date Submitted: Dec 19, 2022
On December 12th I went to Marshall hospital to have type 4 hiatal surgery. after moving here recently and being given the run around because I am disabled, I was referred to The General surgery Clinic, and saw Dr. Mc Connel. She was very knowledgeable and kind. Her staff called me to set up my surgery date, the pre-op visit and my post-op appointment. I was very frightened of anesthesia due to a past traumatic event. The pre-op nurses were so comforting and concerned. The anesthesiologist himself (the head of the department) came in and reassured me I was going to be in good hands. Next thing I knew I woke up, was in PACU, and transferred to my room in Telemetry (2 north?) Being a retired RN myself I was feeling kinda awkward being the patient.... I had no visitors family, friends. Nobody. The Nurses and the entire staff were kind, caring and very very knowledgeable, despite being over worked and a lot of patients they all treated me with respect and dignity. The next morning my surgeon came to check on me at 8 am sharp. She said she would be back around noon, and she was right on time. We discussed my discharge, they were encouraging me to stay another day, but I was worried about my dog, and I just wanted to be in my own bed. So I was discharged home, (had to have social services get me a ride) and by thursday I was completely off the ibuprophen. I am happy that I saw so many professional and competent people, physical therapy, nutritionists, social services, discharge planning, pharmacy and more. I just want to thank the entire staff from the volunteers upon admission until my discharge. You have exceptional staff, I would especially like to thank Jenni on 2 North RN, and Ken, and Gracie (nurses aide) for taking the time and providing me a very good experience during my stay at Marshall. I am going to continue with further care at Marshall. Thanks for renewing my faith in the medical field and God Bless you all! Kat Nesmon