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New Patient Story

  • Author: Yvonne Link
  • Date Submitted: Mar 4, 2021
I fell in February and have had a few issues since. I visited the ER on Monday to address an infection I thought was going to become an issue to the injury I had suffered in February. Unfortunately the practitioner I seen Monday was fairly dismissive of my concerns. I came back Wednesday night because the swelling and pain was more than I could handle at home- the infection was defiantly worse. I came back and had such a lovely visit. The ER team on Wednesday was phenomenal. You should be proud. The care I received in registration from Cassie and Kia was efficient and detailed. I was quickly put into a room and April introduced herself and advocated to get a topical numbing cream for my pain. The staff made sure I was comfortable. NP Alioto was wonderful! She and April were so good to make sure my family was informed of my pain levels and that I was being well taken care of- such a difference from my visit on Monday. They were able to lance the wound and get the infection out. My what a difference that made to my pain level! The decreased pressure immediately helped my pain go down. The staff was exceptional this visit, They are the very reason that Marshall shines.