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Skin Cancer Prevention

In El Dorado County, there is a high incident rate of skin cancer. The percentage of adults ever diagnosed with skin cancer is more than double that in California (2014 data) and the age adjusted death rate due to melanoma of the skin is 54% higher compared to the state (2010 - 2014 data). In 2017, melanoma became one of the top five cancer tumor sites at Marshall.

Marshall partnered with El Doardo County Public Health Division, City of Placerville's Community Health Center, and El Dorado Community Health Center to promote skin cancer awareness beginning in May 2017 and again starting in April 2018, lasting throughout the summer months each year. The kick-off date was held on June 1. The objective of the campaign was to increase awareness, improve sun safety habits and ultimately reduce incidences of skin cancer in El Dorado County. Ninety percent of all skin cancers can be prevented by protection from the sun's rays, or ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Sun exposure during childhood accounts for about 80% of lifetime exposure. Children receive three times more UV radiation than adults and can benefit most from sun protection. Swimming pools are high UV radiation exposure environments because the sun's rays reflect off the surface of the water and around the pool. Sun protection is the strongest weapon against skin cancer.

Dates Held: 05/01/2018 was the kickoff date and continued until 08/01/2018.

Number of Participants: 1,381 children received swimming lessons and sun safety lessons.

Number of Participants in Cool Pool Program Awareness and Behavior Survey: 58

Guidelines Used to Design Activity: American Cancer Society, El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency Division of Public Health

Expected Results: There was an increase from 78% to 88% of the respondents who stated they had changed their behavior because of the sun safety campaign. The changesreported most often were applying sunscreen and staying in the shade or under an umbrella. There was a decrease in shirts with sleeves and hats. The sunscreen dispensers, donated by Marshall and the Cancer Center, received positive feedback and were used frequently.

Data Outcomes Shared with Committee: 11/20/2018

Conclusions and Recommendations: The results of the survey suggest an awareness of the Sun Safety prevention program and behavior changes for both parents and children.

Based on before and after statistics:

  1. They felt more training needs to happen with aquatic staff.
  2. Messaging delivered over the intercom was not totally successful due to difficulty hearing the messages.
  3. In the future, additional evaluation measures will be developed to help capture other aspects of the program and have a more consistently delivered message.

Were expected results met? Yes, but with improvements

Were barriers encountered? No

Were there enough resources? Yes

Click here to view the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency Division of Public Health Pool Cool Program Evaluation, Summer 2018