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Marshall Medical Hosts Healthy Aging Seminar: Girlfriends, Good for Your Health

March 3, 2015— Marshall Community Health Library in Cameron Park is pleased to offer another free program in its ongoing Health Aging Seminars.

Mary Schwind, retired social worker, will be speaking about the value of girlfriends as we age, on March 12th at 2pm, at Marshall’s Upper Campus, 3581 Palmer Drive, Suite 501 in Cameron Park. What is the “need” for a female circle and how does it hold us to friendships as a primary support system? So, why are girlfriends so important? These are some of the questions Mary will explore as she takes you through the research and her observations on girlfriends.

"Thousands of generations ago women could not flee or fight in stressful situations,” Mary explains. “They were pregnant or they were caregivers of children or elders. Women reacted by coming together to support each other. These alliances are reflected in women’s social alliances called girlfriends.”

This pattern of alliances was researched by UCLA investigator Shelley E. Taylor and is called "tend and befriend." The female of many species and humans, respond to stressful conditions by protecting and nurturing their young (the "tend" response). Women often seek social contact and support from others -- especially other females (the "befriend" response). When we are very young we begin to cultivate friends, close and casual. Even those who are tech gurus know that BFF is the internet slang for best friends forever! Travel companies have found a new a niche in “Girl Friend Getaways”!

Mary Schwind has observed the “tend and befriend” phenomenon as a woman, mother and friend, working for many years in the area of social services for battered women, hospice, and the care of elderly. She has looked at examples of girlfriends around the world, in current and past cultures. She has a large collection of girlfriend objects which will be fun and amazing!

This free seminar will be enlightening and uplifting. Men are welcome too. Call to reserve your place: 530-626-2778 by March 11th.

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