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Marshall Ranks #2 in US

Marshall recently received national recognition for patient outcomes, value of care and civic leadership, ranking second of 3,282 hospitals. The Lown Institute looked at how hospitals contribute to their communities with metrics like charity care and pay equity. Using these metrics, many of the more well-known, elite hospitals actually fell short of their typical rankings and those that don’t have a national reputation, like Marshall, rose to the top.

“Marshall has a long tradition of collaborating with our community and with our employees and providers” says Siri Nelson, CEO of Marshall. “Creating a culture of partnership and shared vision is core to our mission to provide care for our entire community. We are gratified by the recognition received from the Lown Institute.”

Marshall’s high ranking means that it not only provides exceptional patient care, but also is making strides towards helping its own community of El Dorado County. This includes offering charity care, paying workers in a way that benefits the community’s economy, and serving patients in numbers that reflect the race, education level and income of people living around its locations in Placerville, Cameron Park, Georgetown and El Dorado Hills.