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Infusion Center/Pharmacy

Some conditions require treatment through intravenous means, whether chemotherapy or blood transfusions. A cancer diagnosis is life altering. There are so many questions to be answered and it is very common for patients to fear the vast unknown that is chemotherapy. The Infusion Center at Marshall strives to ease those fears and make infusion therapy as comfortable as possible.

Located adjacent to Marshall Hematology & Oncology in Cameron Park, Marshall’s Infusion Center is staffed by caring nurses who attend to patients and their needs. Supervised by physicians, it is a comfortable and safe place to receive advanced care for difficult conditions.

The infusion center currently has 17 chairs plus a private room. The caring, experienced and certified staff, along with the convenience of being onsite with the medical clinic elevates Marshall’s outpatient therapy center.

“The team has made my treatments pleasant and positive, rather than uncomfortable or scary. Their professional actions and positive empathetic demeanor are always reassuring. Any questions I have (and I have had many) are always answered honestly and with patience. They are always concerned about my physical comfort,” says a cancer patient.

Aside from receiving quality care, Marshall’s Infusion Center offers several perks. Among them are:

  • Reiki therapy during treatment
  • Live harp and guitar music
  • Snack station for patients and family members

Our infusion center is staffed by chemotherapy-biotherapy certified nurses and oncology certified nurses. The infusion center is also supported by USP 800 (United States Pharmacopeia Chapter 800) compliant pharmacy to assure safest standards of handling hazardous drugs like chemotherapy. Our pharmacy is certified by California State Board of Pharmacy.