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Radiation-Free Image Testing

Ultrasound, also known as sonography, is one of the few diagnostic imaging procedures that does not use X-ray, making it the preferred testing method for pregnant women.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce real-time moving images of soft tissue and organs. It is routinely used to monitor fetus development during pregnancy, and also to detect a wide range of conditions, including abnormal growths, blood clots and disease.

What to Expect

An ultrasound is performed by a sonographer, who is specially trained in this imaging procedure. The sonographer uses a device called a transducer, a kind of wand, and covers the testing end of it with a water-soluble gel to help ensure smooth contact between the transducer and the skin. By moving the transducer over the body area being studied, high-frequency sound waves are generated and the ultrasound unit translates those waves into images.

Light and gentle pressure is used, and it's important that you lie still during the exam and follow any instructions the sonographer gives.

Some ultrasounds require advance preparation, including drinking specific amounts of water at certain intervals prior to your appointment, and some may require you to fast prior to your exam. You'll be given instructions in advance of your exam.

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