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Infection Control Information

At Marshall, the Infection Control team carefully tracks and monitors our hospital and clinics to help prevent healthcare-associated infections. They develop and maintain policies and practices utilizing current regulatory guidelines and medical best practice standards.

Our Infection Control Team Includes:

  • Two board certified Infection Preventionists
  • A physician committee chair with specialized training in Infectious Diseases
  • A multidisciplinary Infection Control Committee with expertise in a wide variety of medical disciplines including antibiotic stewardship, intensive care, medical-surgical-telemetry nursing, surgery, microbiology and ambulatory medicine

Our goal is to protect everyone at Marshall by following these protocols:

Washing our hands thoroughly and frequently - This is a basic, but critically important, step in preventing infection. We use “secret shopper” direct observation to spot-check our staff for compliance with hand hygiene and report back to departments on their performance.

We protect our patients and staff - We follow recommended guidelines on proper use of personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.)

Measure our progress - Our infection rates are well below the national average.
Committed - We employ risk-reduction strategies for patients preoperatively and postoperatively to help prevent Staph and other types of infections after surgery.

Follow through - We follow the care of every surgical patient for 90 days after an implant to watch for infection.

Working to eliminate infections – Monitoring patients and refining our process helps us to successfully eliminate infections

Utilize technology and training – Marshall has invested in a state-of-the-art UV light disinfection robot (aptly named “Flash”) as an additional measure of safety, along with our highly trained and dedicated Environmental Services staff, the robot helps keep microbes from living on hospital environmental surfaces. Staff members are given extra training on proper disinfecting and cleaning procedures.

For more information about infection control at Marshall, call 530-626-2635 during business hours or 530-957-0860 after hours.